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If you are a website owner or a blogger, have you ever had to convert files you wanted to include in your article to PDF or a plain JPEG because of the worry that your readers might not have neccesary software to open that file?

Now those times are over! With rollMyFile Button from rollApp you can simple and elegant "Open Online" action next to your file. When user clicks this button, your file will open in a fully functional online application, which retains all the high fidelity and interactivity features of your content. Like this:

All it takes is a rollApp account and a few simple steps to create the button and grab the embed code to be included in your page.

rollMyFile API

For fine grained control of user experience, when integrating rollMyFile into your application, you should use our rollMyFile API. It supports all the neccassary features to make opening files online from your application an effective and pleasant experience. In fact, we use exactly same API to run rollMyFile iteself.

  • get supported file extensions
  • open given file online

The API is available for both server-side and client JavaScript components. For further details refer to the full API documentation.