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Frequently Asked Questions

How does it all work?

When you upload a file, based on the extension of the file we find an application that can open this file. Then we launch the application via our rollApp cloud service and load your file into the application. Overall applications available on rollApp can open more than 500 of different types of files.

Which browsers are supported?

At this time files can be open online in recent versions of Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera on desktop, Safari on iPad and Chrome on Android tablets.

Can I edit the file and save changes?

Sure! With subscription for rollApp Premium you can save your changes to connected storage like Dropbox or Google Drive, use premium applications like Blender and even more.

What happens to my file after I close the application?

When you are done working with your file and close the application, file is deleted from the server without a trace.

Files of type .xyz do not open. What do I do?

Whenever you try to open a file, which none of the available apps can open, our team gets a notification and we try our best to add an application to work with this type of file.